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On Obama

I spent twenty-two months watching the election of 2008 and I am going to state this as a fact Obama was my Kennedy but now I am feeling a little disenfranchised by what has been going on as of late. I am a forty-year-old male that has voted in every election since I turned eighteen except the last one because there were no ballot issues to vote on. My uncle yelled at me but the honest truth was there was nothing to vote on and the same old senators were going to win that have won since I moved here in 1996 so I took a pass but I will never miss an election again. Part of the problem is I live in an unincorporated county so unless it is a state issue I do not get to vote on it hence no ballot issues this time around. For those of you that do not live in the west an unincorporated part of a county is a small wedge of a county that is known as a “no mans land” where one county meets another that is a certain amount of blocks and for the most part it does not exist at all but I digress.

Now a little background on me I am a rapid cycle bi-polar and a diabetic on insulin that lives in disability, Medicare and Medicaid but I am very intelligent and I read a lot. I will post a blog of what I read later but suffice to say I am very well informed and I make my decisions based on multiple sources before I say yay or nay. I also am willing to listen to others opinions before I either adopt or discount it but I do not unless I can prove it with facts from liable sources state that someone is wrong. I hope that all comments here are well thought out and not just flames for those I will just delete but if they are well thought out I will not remove them no matter how much I disagree with them for I wish to remain open-minded in all of my affairs.

Now back to Obama which is the subject of my blog. I am rather upset that he caved on the debt issue and that the two parties no longer know how to work together at all rather they just stick to party lines. This to me tells me that our system is finally at the state of totally broke with no hope of being fixed until these morons that we all voted in stop the petty bickering and start to function like united Americans which is what they really are at the end of the day. But are they? There was once a time when I was a child that the parties were able to work with each other and sadly those days are as dead as Osama Bin Laden. I fear that with the next election cycle gearing up that the party lines are going to get even further apart as the Republicans prop up some puppet in an attempt to remove Obama from office and the Democrats slip further and further from their roots in an attempt to gain public favor in order to get four more years.

I am a registered Independent right now but for the first twenty-one years of my voting life I was a registered Marxist but that is no longer an option here in Colorado. I am not sure where I am going to vote in 2012 but it will not be Republican but it may not be Democrat either being I have voted third party four of six times now. Why do I vote third party? Simple I am sick and fucking tired of Coke and Pepsi; I want some Dr. Pepper for a change. I feel that this nation needs a viable third party and no the “Tea Baggers” are not a third party they are just rich people that think they live in the “third world.” I was a huge fan of Ross Perot and he actually got as I recall twenty-one percent of the popular vote but alas not one outdated and needs to go electoral college vote.

I will state that I feel that Obama is at least trying to change things and universal health care is one huge step that we need to take like all the other industrialized nations have. People here in America are so afraid of that dreaded nine letter word “Socialism” yet Social Security is Socialist in nature, Medicare, Medicaid, even our libraries can be considered somewhat socialist. I will explore this in a future blog after I do a little more research in where I want to go with this but as a preview of that blog I will just say Denmark. That ends my first blog at this new site thank you all for reading and there will be more posts and not all political I promise.