On Becoming Muslim

Today I am embarking on a new phase of my life by adopting Islam into my life. This is a decision that took me over two years to make but today I am going to make it. I first became attracted to Islam when I watched Oz on HBO in Kareem Said and how he dealt with being an Imam to the prisoners there. I slowly became fascinated by how they prayed and practiced Islamic faith. Then as luck would have it Mosaab moved in next door as a full blown Muslim believer. He has some friends that I also met and what I saw in them was peace and serenity that I have never been able to parallel.


A few years ago I went to a Mosque up the street from me and again I was compelled to learn more about this seemingly peaceful yet wonderful faith. I was dating someone at the time and she pulled me away from the Mosque but I never forgot how calm I was when I was in there. So here I sit today after a series of events and talks I just looked up and said OK help me Allah which translates to “The God” and I got my answer about three hours later from Mosaab in chapter 112 of the Qur’an. The basic gist of it says that there is only one God period end of report and this matches what I have felt and known for the past 27-years of my life since confirming Methodist.


My goal here is to have a better relationship with Allah and to be of better service to my friends and family. I am painfully aware that I need to be more God-centered and less self-centered and I am hoping that by adopting Islam I will be able to achieve that over time. Now I am aware that Muslims get a bad rap these days but that seems to be not something I need to concern myself with here in America because I have yet to meet a bad Muslim. Will I take this to the extreme? No I will not but I will pray more often and read the Qur’an as many times as it takes to understand it over the rest of my lifetime. The best part is for the first time in years I feel as if I have some hope in my life and that is a great sign that I am taking the correct path for me. I am going to write a full essay on this part of my life that I hope can be published in a Lit Journal but this is just a blog so there is no need to go into great detail for this is just an overview of the situation. I need to get some reading and other things done now so I shall end this with a simple but easy saying; “praise Allah.”


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