120 Months Later

So here we sit at the cusp of the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and all the media hoopla is starting to annoy me. Yes it is true that 120 months ago I was as devastated as the rest of the nation when those planes hit but in that time I think America has grown and become more united then ever before. I see the world very differently then I did when I was thirty as I am sure most of us do but why must we focus on the bad here? There is so much to celebrate and cherish since those grim days in September of 2001. First off we have a president that isn’t white, we have many hero’s in the armed forces keeping us safe, we are still here! America is a strong nation of peoples that have one common goal: freedom and that freedom shall ring no matter whom tries to stifle it. Yes I am a Muslim now and it is a choice I have made to grow closer to Allah but even before I made this choice I knew that the Muslims I knew had nothing to do with the events of 11 September 2001. For anyone to think that American Muslims today are even remotely responsible for this is utterly insane.

In my readings thus far of the Qur’an I have discovered that the use of Islam for terrorist actions is not only against what this holy book says but it is also nothing but pure bullshit propaganda. My mother didn’t want me to become a zealot and I feel that the only people that do are weak minded to begin with. I am first and foremost an American and I love my country so therefore, I would never do anything that would bring my homeland to harm. The fact that I am now part of Islam has no bearing on my love of country nor will it ever for that matter. Yes I believe in God, Country then self but if God told me to destroy country I would have to rebuke and ignore that command.

So where am I a decade later? I am at peace with myself and I have long forgiven those that attacked us for really I do not think they really knew what they were doing. If we look back a little ways at the Nazi’s most of them were lied to and manipulated into believing something that just was not real and maybe the same can be said for those that were involved in the attacks. I am not stating this as a fact but rather a possibility that in all honesty no one will ever know. I am not making excuses either just looking at the realm of possibilities that could have occurred having one very controlling individual at the head of the attacks (the now dead Bin Laden).

The whole point of the attacks were to destroy the American way of life and that was one epic fail boat all they really did was make travel a bit more complicated for us. Our country was bankrupt long before these wars that we are involved in; the wars just accelerated this state of bankruptcy is all. Is there hope that we can pull out of this muck we seem to be trapped in? Of course there is but the key is to bring manufacturing jobs back home and the only way to do that is to tax the living shit out of things made in other countries but we all know this won’t ever happen. Tonight Obama is going to talk about job creation and I wonder what his plan will be, or if it is even possible but I digress.

I feel in my heart that America is stronger today then it was ten years ago, more resilient and more united then ever before. I am a very proud voting American that will stand by his mother land until the day I die and with the love of Allah I am sure that I will be guided in how to help my country stay free and caring of others as they struggle to get or remain free. Is America still the beacon of hope? I would have to say yes it is being so many still wish to move here and become American. Can we still burn that light in the darkness? Yes we can but part of what we need to do is leave the Middle East and start to take care of our own internal problems. My late father once stated that we need to clean our own backyard before we can clean our neighbors and if our government was able to see this maybe we would not be in the quagmire that we are in today.


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