Beauty Fades….

This is what a friend once told me after I commented on how she looked and nothing in life has ever been truer in life than those simple two words in the title “Beauty Fades”. I am a very old person at least by my standards I am at forty so I have been around the block a few times in my day. Now for a quick understanding of why I look at things this way I will explain just a little about my past as quickly and briefly as I can. I grew up in a small Podunk town in New Jersey where for the most part I was hated by all the girls I spoke to and I even got laughed at when I asked a girl to prom my senior year then as an adult it took until age twenty-six to lose my blessed virginity and wow that became one very forgettable night for me. OK now that you are all primed for the rest of this here it goes.

I guess I never really put much stock into what someone looks like being I spent most of my life being told I was ugly I learned to look past what I was seeing to view what else was there. I think that in the end Hollywood is to blame for this pandemic of “I have to be beautiful” all the time but that is just one man’s opinion and I could be wrong. I have always preferred to look inside to see if that is beautiful and radiant and not just focus on what I see on the outside. I bring this up because someone in my alliance in an MMO I play wished me to see what she looked like and the God’s honest truth is if I did not already like her I never would have cared to see her lovely face at all. I have this thing whereas if I do not care for a person I am dealing with all the time as I do often running an alliance I have no desire to contact them at all outside the game but this person is one that I like and have liked since we first met in the old alliance that I ran before taking a much needed break. The thing is that I have a lot of people that I have met in my many years here, there and everywhere that I have to choose who I wish to get to know and who I wish to just know.

I am a very open person when it comes to people knowing that this one is not going to be like that one because everyone is different in the end but of course there are tell tale signs of doom that I have learned as well. A few years ago I met this lady and she said you just need a positive person in your life and to me that screams “I am a savior.” I of course dropped her like a bad habit wrapped inside a burning brick but I am going on my past here and sometimes we all have to in order to not put ourselves in harm’s way. One of the key lessons I have learned over the eons is I have to let people be people but that does not mean I have to let that person be in my life.

Well this person from my alliance I would like to talk to and in fact I always smiled when she messaged me in game for some silly reason. Maybe it is the empathy in me that allowed me to sense she was a good person at the get go or maybe I am just a fool for someone who liked to say hello to me either way it was always a welcome hello. Yes she is stunningly beautiful looking but really what matters most to me is that she is a nice, kind and sweet person as well. Exteriors change all the time but to really be who you are and stick to your guns like I do takes real balls and she has been totally consistent the whole time I have known her so kudos there.

I want everyone reading this to look at the a person you know, any person it does not matter if you love them or are just friends and look past what your eyes are seeing and I guarantee your relationship will grow beyond your beliefs. We all can’t be Brad Pitt or Cote De Pablo on the outside but we all can be one radiant caring and loving person if we just try to be a little more often. As-Salam Malikum


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