Occupy Denver No More!

With the protest called “Occupy Denver” now being broken up by the oppressors that call themselves officers I can only wonder what the fuck? Now I am not one to state that protests are a bad thing or a waste of time but I am afraid this one is. I have no love for the rich and powerful but under our current system of capitalism I see this as one huge waste of time. We have a system that is srt up to have a huge disparity between the rich like Bill Gates and the poor like me (I live well under the poverty line). I am not bitching or blaming the rich for my problems for this is a free country where anyone can become rich and powerful if they have the right idea and of course the proper timing.

Now I have been trying to write something for over twenty years that is worthy of being published and again it’s all about timing more then anything but that is how it works in America. Now I was downtown a few days ago and I saw how the protest developed from about five or six people to a few hundred with tents and what looked like someone selling food and other shit. I was greatly annoyed by this because I viewed it as complete and total hypocrisy being someone was there trying to make a buck off the protesters. Am I wrong? I don’t think so but this is my opinion and my blog so if you disagree tell me I will not delete your comments.

In all honesty I have looked at these ongoing protests as just another excuse for what Henry David Thoreau called “Civil Disobedience” being it was a protest for something that is never going to change until we change our entire system of government here. What is my suggestion? Well before I state it I want to acknowledge that Denmark is not perfect and they do have high taxes and one called a “Mommy Tax” but I feel that open-market socialism is a better bet than this Republic that we live under now. People are not being arrested here in Denver just to give an update to the situation at hand.

I am not a fan of our system and I have always found the whole concept of money to be rather silly but it is what we have and now there seems to be a whole lot of pissed off people that want change but will it ever come? I would have to gander to state nope it will not because those in power do not want to lose that same power that has corrupted our nation and our government. I would have to assume that for myself that if I was in power I wouldn’t want to relent it either but since I have none I want some for this is human nature at its core. I will explore my idea in another blog for it is far to complicated to put into this one on the protests I am afraid.

Do I want a better system? Yes I do but it will not happen in my lifetime nor anyone’s that is alive today. Now for a point in case there was protests in Seattle in 1999 aginst the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the riots did not start until a bunch of Denver Police showed up. Now the reason that the oppressors stated for breaking up the protests is there is an over-night camping ban in the parks and I cannot disagree with this if it is a law but again this law is to stop the homeless from camping so again the extreme poor get fucked in the ass. This is a very curious case of who is really right? There are laws that are being broken yes but at the same time it seems more like mass censorship at the same time by the oppressors that are hiding behind bullshit laws. Who is right and who is wrong? I am not really sure if there is anyone that is either at this point but if we do not scream at the deaf ears on the Beltway nothing will ever change….


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