What is Bliss??
Is it that long awaited kiss??
Is it that morning dew on the grass
The ray’s of sun breaking through the glass
The sound of rain aginst a window
Snow fluttering downward to the Earth
The sound it makes
The crunch of boots apon it
What is bliss??

I do not really know what bliss is
Bliss is love
Bliss is hate
Bliss is whatever makes us smile
Just one more time
Somedays bliss is food
Somedays bliss is life
Somedays bliss is death
Somedays bliss is sleep
One day bliss was dope
This day bliss is saying nope

Bliss, bliss, bliss
What could it be?
Does it have a name
Is it a person, place or thing?
Is it just God in guise?
Or is it just me in reprise?
Someone tells me that they miss
Some good old bliss
But what if bliss never exist?
Then what?
Like the who’s in whoville
And the cat in the hat
No way I can really see that

Bliss O’ bliss
Where are thee?
Inside where it ought to be
Not in the job
Or the money
Or the partner
Bliss is inside or it isn’t at all
So if you trip and fall
Just get up
Dust off
And relize that bliss
Is in the heart and soul
Not in a kiss
Or an egg roll….

Circa 2000 Denver, Colorado


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