On The Bus

Sitting on the bus
Took it from here to there
Up and down
Watched the people shuffle on
Watched them waltz off

Ran up the Fax
And back down again
Sat in the shade
Melted in the sun

Sitting on the bus
Going into the hood
Cruising through the poverty
Looking at the poor
Gawking at the bleakness of the D
From my seat
I can see it all
The rich
The poor
The lost
The found
And the forgotten
We are the low life’s
The scum
The one’s society
Left behind

Just moving along
As one
Sitting on the bus
Stream through the city
Seeing the greed
And corruption
From my Plexiglas view

Jump off there
Hop on here
Zip-zoom, stop, go
All the while
Sitting on the bus
Watching Denver flow
And crawl past my eyes
As I sit on the bus one more time

Circa 1999 Denver, Colorado


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