A Vapid Life

What does one do when their life is a total drag? I have been pondering this question for quite some time now and I have yet to come up with an answer to it. I guess the fact that my life is totally drama free is why I see it as so vapid all the time. I don’t really do a whole lot other then read various things like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Nation, Literary Journals and sometimes I even read an actual book. Everything other then the Lit Journals is read on my Nook and I can’t say it is a horrible life just one that is not all that exciting is all.

I do know one thing about me and my life: every time I engage with a female as more then a friend I have more drama then a soap opera so I tend to avoid them like a deadly plague. I used to get my drama needs filled by Narcotics Anonymous meetings but I no longer go to those finding them to be trite and rather paltry these days. So I guess in the end I should not be complaining that my life is quite and simple these days but wow is it boring all the same.

I would have to gander to think that maybe part of this problem is that I am now forty and no longer a child with adult years tacked on for good measure. As Jessica by the Allman Brothers comes on Last.FM I can only ask what can I do to have some excitement in my life. I have yet to solve this little dilemma yet at the same time I am grateful I do not have any baby momma drama in my life. Ahhh sometimes I actually welcome this boredom but today I am not so I will just suck it up and keep going like everything else in my little world that happens.

What to do when totally bored out of one’s mind hmmm I guess all there is to do is put some jazz on my net radio and read the New York Times. I could watch some college football but I am not really into the games this year; same applies for NFL so what to do all day is the real question. Maybe I’ll play some Civilization IV or Age of Empires III now that I have a wireless trackball mouse. Sorry if this blog bored you….


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