Stupid Assholes Amok!

Some people ask me all the time why I want to run an alliance in a silly little MMO (Massively multi-player online) game called Guild Wars and that is a really good question. I run one to give myself a sense of purpose but also to provide a nice place for gamers to hang around. Well a few days ago things with one of the guilds in my alliance ZPM had finally come to a head and wow did it ever. I allowed them to help shape the alliance but they took it as they have total control over it and I was trying to find a way to tell them no you don’t control this I do in a politically correct way when I had to take some action with one of my people in my guild.

I was being bitched at that someone was talking about incest in ally chat and I looked at the log and the time of the incident and realized it was the big L that was the party they were talking about. Well I kicked him that re-invited him just so I knew I had his attention and I stated this in alliance chat and that is when the fun really began.

This flaming cunt that I didn’t like Tiny berated me in AC telling me that I was a tyrant yet this whole time I knew I was right as to who was talking about the shit they were bitching about. This went on for about ten minutes before I was finally tired of it and ready to just kick this pain in my ass guild once and for all but alas they had already left. Now I posted in AC am I a tyrant? And no one could even understand where that came from being I am one very relaxed hands off leader in general.

The real problem is that once I let ZPM help guide the alliance they took it as they control it and that just was not the case and they needed to know this fast. I also had a problem with someone telling me what to do in my fucking guild so yeah if they had not left they would have been kicked anyway. The biggest problem was I had no one on in my guild to back me up and my friend Clan wasn’t on either being he is always in my alliances under his guild. I was set adrift on an island with no support but I survived the assault anyway as always. This is one of the absolute joys of running an alliance but hey if I allow ZPM back in if they ever want to come back I will be the tyrant they claim that I am. The conditions will be as follows: I control your guild and I dictate what your guild does if you do not like it eat a dick and find another alliance. I will not ever let any guild dictate what I do in my guild and or alliance again and everyone there now knows this.

I think the expression is you give someone an inch and they take a mile and that is exactly what happened here and thankfully it resolved its self before I really got nasty with them. I think the funny part is that a lot of the people in that guild came over under two new guilds by former members so in all reality they got spiked after leaving my alliance in a huff. The icing on the cake? I was right as to whom offended them and that in and of its self makes me giggle at how stupid that cunt Tiny was…..


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