Who’s Right? No One!

There are things in this world that will forever perplex me like how wires that are not moving around tie themselves in knots but I digress. I feel that us humans have this major problem with always having to be right even though most of us myself included are for the most part wrong. This is a real issue when it comes to religion. I am a Muslim that does not practice the religious aspect of the faith and even I know that I might be dead wrong when I die I am just hoping that I am not. People get so convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong that the commit murder to prove their point (Muslims and Christians mostly). These are things that I will never be able to comprehend as long as I live. How can a Christian just walk into a church and blow an abortion doctors brains out with a clear conscious? How can Muslims justify murdering people and sleep at night when the Qur’an says “Allah does not like aggressors”? How can these people sleep at night knowing that they are defiling the very word that they claim to believe?

I do not blame faith for these actions but rather I blame religion for this mess that has been created over the past two-thousand some years. I have always felt that religion is a man made bastardization of faith. People take parts of the Bible, Torah and Qur’an out of context and twist it to their own selfish needs. I have never understood how humans can take something that is completely absolute and muddle it all up with greys. Maybe this disbelief stems from my own inability to see grey in my life; just black and white. I am not really sure if this is why I see the holy books as absolute and not to be interpreted in any way other then what the words actually state. I have to gander that this is a human feature that we got when he were given free will though.

In all of humankind’s existence those that had power wanted to keep that power at all costs and this is the same reason some people become a crusader of their twisted religion. My mother asked me not to become an extremist when I converted to Islam and I have for the most part discarded the religious aspect of this faith and just prayed my way at my times. I have a real hard time believing that God is just up there to hear hourly prayers to him and nothing else. This is one of the things I did not like about the religious aspect of this faith. There are other things that just don’t make sense to me either but I just live my life and call myself a non-practicing Muslim. It is when people take things too seriously and out of context is when the blood starts to flow. The problem is extremism has been a part of the problem since the advent of religion outside of the Pagan’s. The Pagan’s actually do not have infighting or a need to prove that they are right and everyone else is dead wrong. Maybe in the end they are the ones that are right and that there are many gods not just one all powerful one. I will not state this is what I believe but it does have some merit in today’s violence strewn world.

Any does of fanaticism regardless of what one is fanatic about is bad for humanity on all levels. I do not like people that are hell bent on forcing others to see that they are right and all else are wrong being as I stated I am not even sure if I am right I just hope I am. I have no use for people that need to be right because only when we are wrong do we have the chance to learn from that mistake and teach others to not make the same one….


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