The Rejected Flash Fiction

It had been a long year. Not the longest in my life but a long year nonetheless since the burial of my little angel. I loved that boy like only another boy can love a boy and I miss him always but this is how life works sometimes. He was this cute little thing when we met and he grew into this lithe man over the years we knew each other. I remember all the shared dinners and talks we had and oh the cuddles at night were the absolute best.

My day would be centered around making him happy and that suited me just fine. I cannot remember how many times I went out to specialty stores just to get things to appease him and make him happy to my absolute delight over the years though. I guess those runs just became part of the ritual of the relationship as it were. My mother used to get on me about the money I would spend on him but he was my baby and the love of my life so he deserved it all in my opinion.

I guess the part of this last year that I hated the most was that empty space in the bed every night. I had grown so used to his warm body next to mine that when it was gone and not coming back I found it very hard to sleep. The cutest thing was when he was so dead to the world that I would hear these little muffled snores escaping from his nose; it would comfort me and guide me to the land of dreams once anew. Now I sleep at random times and not all that well with bad dreams and no lands I wish to see anymore.

I know he did not abandon me for even I know that life is progressive and fatal but I feel so alone and nothing can replace my baby now. I have read some books on the grieving process and I have even been to those support groups but they just don’t understand me I guess. I never made many friends in life so yeah he was my best friend and now he is gone. Good-bye Tiger my dear cat.


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