The Rejected Poem

I Think I Know You

I think I know you
You’re the one that betrayed me
You’re the one that lied to me
You’re the one that made me feel like shit
You’re the one that showed me how to hate
You’re the one that destroyed me
I think I know you
You stuck that cold steel to my temple
You told me the trigger has no heart
Yet the chamber was never emptied
You told me the pain would go away
Yet the trigger never moved
I think I know you
You filled me with fear
You filled me with dread
You filled me with shame
You filled me with anguish
I think I know you
You were on that bench in Seattle
You were under that bridge in San Francisco
You were on that grate in Denver
You were in that hole in Phoenix
You were in that shallow grave in Kansas
You were on that bus
You were on that train
You made me mean and callous
You made me bitter and angry
I think I know you
You lost who you were before it was found
You told me that being kicked around was better than being alone
You deceived me more and more every day
You told me that this powder was the answer
You told me that a rock is better
You told me to smoke it
You shut me off from the world
You infected me with your disease
You made me a slave
You told me to eat and eat and eat
You screamed I’ll show them
You perfected self-torture
I think I know you
You mangled my soul
You ripped my heart out
You told me you hated me
You caused all my misery
I think I know you
You said trust these people
You told me to ignore the abuse
You told me that I was worthless
You screamed you are a loser
You built this wall
You placed every last brick
Your fury is the mortar
You pushed everyone away
You refused to be loved
You cannot love
I think I know you
You sheltered me
You made me hide in shadows
You made me afraid of life
You made me run away
You forced me to find a way out
You made me numb the hurt
You promised to shoot me
You lied to me again
You barked and screamed at me
You pushed me into the mental wards
You raged at me when I was in the four points
You hate me
You love me
I think I know you
Every time I look in the mirror
I say I think I know you…


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