On The Book Series I Am Gonna Write

Now I am not going to give away the entire plot devises that I have come up with but I am going to write and then hope to publish a series of murder mysteries set here in Denver, Colorado. I am going to go through the titles though:

The Mile High Murders: The Colfax Killer
The Mile High Murders: The Broadway Butcher
The Mile High Murders: The Santa Fe Strangler

I am doing all the research for this series as I type looking into the various things I need to learn about. To name a few Serial Killers, the hunters of said killers, what part the FBI plays in all of this and being I am going to set the first story in 1996 what was Denver like when I first got here and what forensics where available at that time as well. I am going to try and set each story in a two year window so that it leaves me plenty of time to get to present day Denver. Wow that was one long ass sentence, C’est la vie it happens.

Now there are many things that I need to explore here and one of those will be where is the best place to write and I am thinking where I am sitting right now may in fact be that place. I am at a little café called Dazbog here in Downtown Denver and there is another one up on 12th and Downing that I have been to as well. I am not going to go to my usual haunt until Christmas is over being Solid Grounds is playing that vile Xmas music now and this joint has classic rock on so yeah this will work just fine for me.

I have been writing most of my life and I just spoke to a total stranger about a book he was reading and he asked me if I was writer and I said yeah but very unpublished. I asked him how he gleaned that from what I had originally asked and he said I was way to articulate with my speech to just be someone that reads a lot. I was a bit taken back by that but we talked for a little while longer then I went about my way to return something then get some coffee.

He did mention that he had a few friends that are trying to break into acting and they have had as many rejections as I have over the years so I did feel a little better about my failures. I am aware that most of getting published is timing but there has to be some degree of skill as well but having looked at the Twilight series maybe it’s all timing and not talent but I digress. I am going to be writing another short story for The First Line that has already rejected me once but I will not stop until I am published there. That is something that I know is a fact of life as a writer I need to be very persistent or I will not obtain my goal of being published.

I have been at this writing thing for well over twenty years now and the biggest problem that I have is that I cannot eer seem to write a whole book losing steam around page 70 or so. This needs to change if I am going to write The Mile high Murders or I am doomed to another unfinished book. I think this is the curse of most writers though, we have a brilliant idea and we go and try to write it but we all hit that virtual brick wall in our heads and we stall and never finish the story. This has been a niggling little problem of mine for all these years that I have been writing so I started to write short stories and essays and as of now they are also unpublished as are my poems but I am not going to just give up and hide my head in the sand I am going to fight until I someone takes what I write and puts it in a book for me.
Speaking of writing I am using WordPerfect 2002 (version 10) under an XP SP3 emulation and I love it to pieces. I think one of the things that makes this so great for me is I started to use it way back in 5.3 land on DOS and never really wanted anything else but it was not until Windows 7 that the emulation was good enough to install and run it in a stable environment so here I am back in my old friend writing everything. I am happy that I am able to write this outside the house and now that I can I will explore places where I feel a comfort level to do the actual writing. Well that is all I have to say for now so happy blogging everyone….


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