How I Am Right Now 14 Jan 2011

Well the insurance refused to pay the theft claim because we had home owners and not renters insurance so I in the end get nothing that was stolen returned ever. I am annoyed by this but in the end it was so expected that I can’t say I was let down at all. My mother insisted that she got renters insurance but the policy says we did not so there is nothing that we can do about this but sigh.


I bought a small portable HD radio yesterday that I really could not afford but I needed something other then the old Grunding to listen to so in the end this will help keep me a little more sane around here. I am planning a trip to see one of the locals that I am going to possibly move to but I cannot mention where because the person that caused this whole mess can possibly still read this blog. I have been there a few times though and I am exciting to go back and see if I can forge my new future there as well. I am going to take a good old fashioned bus there being I feel that I need a good long road trip to clear my head of all this nightmare that I am in now. I am going to sit back, read some Rollins that I have on my Nook and watch the mile peal away like I did back in the mid 90’s in my 20’s. On the Rollins tip I am hoping that more of his books become available on the Nook so I can have them again since they were also stolen.


As for the HD radio other then not having good headphones because they were also stolen it is really nice. I have no iPod that vanished ages ago (think that was also stolen a while ago but again I have no proof) it is really nice. The signal is crystal clear and it is as good as if not better then a CD to me. The only real complaint I have is there is no bass or treble control on the radio so I can’t pump the bass and kill the treble at all. I am sure that better quality headphones will solve this problem on it’s own. I hope the thief is enjoying my things and knows that because you stole my Qur’an God will make sure that your life is full of nothing but misery from the day you took it until the day you die. You never steal someones personal Holy Book that my friends is an unforgivable sin that has no repentance for.


Speaking of Islam I have been praying a lot more and I have a new Qur’an that actually explains the passages so I am hoping that it helps me understand it better. I never really had a good time understanding Holy Books in general so maybe this explanation of the text will help me achieve that. My mother tells me that I need to control my anger and she is right but I am still human and I have no issues being human I just hope that Allah understands why I am right now. The last 17 days have been the worst days of my life and there is no real end in sight until I am out of Denver forever but the road trip will really help me a whole lot. I have decided that in February I am going to get everything ready for this place to be sold to the best of my ability and go from there. There is a lot of things that I just need to throw out that just do not need to go with me when I move and I know this. I have been a pack rat over the years and I need to stop being this way for whatever I get where I move will be way smaller then this so time to condense my shit down to what I need and nothing else. I kinda wish I had speakers for this though it would make that chore a whole lot easier but it’s OK I will get by as always. I do not rally have much more to say so I guess it’s back to reading for now.


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