R We What We R?

So Denver is finally getting that blast of snow that has seemed to have taken all winter to hit and again it looks more like Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back then America but that is life here in Colorado. Well that was a nice little diversion now on to the actual blog at hand.


As I stated before the person that robbed me took all my writing and all my reference books as well yet I still managed to write a short story and submit it to The First Line so I guess in the end I did not need all those old words and books to procure a decent story for publication. I only had when it came down to it about  thirty-six hours to write the story so my original idea had to go out the window due to a lack of time to do the research involved to write it. I had originally wanted to write about a furry kleptomaniac but I just could not pull it together in time so I opted for a silly joke and a fourth step on my experience in special education. Now for what irked me after I wrote it.


I have had the same sponsor for the most part since 1997 or so and he asked me when I am going to drop the attitude. I am not going to lie I do have a bit of an attitude but I never treat my friends poorly and I verified that with them. I asked them flat out am I condescending and all of them including family said no  so he was dead wrong on that count. I know I am with people that I do not really like or give two shits about but never with the people in my life that matter. I was a bit scared that he may have been right but alas he was wrong as can be.


I have a lot of character defects like everyone but one is not treating my friends like idiots because I hate it when I am treated that way. I have a rather high IQ that I just found out a month ago is above genius but really that does not amount to a hill of beans in the real world. What I can do is be cleaver and really analyze things well so that is what my friends ask me to do most often. I so not claim to be an expert in much but when my knowledge is vast on a subject I am not afraid to state this; but then again I am very well read so I am not slouch when it comes to learning and or understanding things that I find interesting or perplexing. Maybe this is an asset or maybe it is a liability either way it is how I am and everyone in my life knows this about me.


I think one of the true ideals of any friendship is to take the good with the bad and try to make sense of it all in a way that promotes unity and long lasting relationships. As an example I am not able to build a computer but I have a friend that can so I will always look to him for that understanding whereas I am really good with most OS’s so he looks at me for that. Life just is what it is most of the time and we have to play off our own strengths and look to others to help with out weaknesses not only in skills but also in character traits. I guess what I am saying here is we all are what we are so accept at face value or don’t accept at all. The thief was starting to irritate me on a very regular basis so even though I lost a lot of my things I am grateful that this person is gone and I didn’t have to actually say your cut off; thank God for small favors….


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