A Memoir Idea

I have been pondering writing about my homeless dope addict years as a memoir for many years now but after three drafts it seems to go nowhere the moment I am off the streets. I feel as though once the homelessness ended the story does too. my life becomes very vapid very quickly once I am no longer wondering this great nation looking for something that was in Denver the whole time.

The idea came to me from a now long lost friend in Belarus that felt that I lived this really exciting life during that time period in my life but when I look back at it I was in the end just a homeless junkie on the run. I really did not have any friends back then and I know that due to a lack of or being on the wrong medications I was rather impossible to deal with as well. I used to have a stock of poems that I wrote back then but they were all stolen so I have no real recorded history of that time except what is still in my memory so I fear that I may in fact get some of the details wrong now. I wanted to include some of those poems into the actual book but I am no longer able to do so and that really pisses me off. My great hope is that the thief tries to publish them so I can sue her for plagiarism of my work being she is nothing but a fraud anyway and a liar.

I am not really sure where I should start the story but I had the same beginning to all the drafts:”My life really didn’t start until I got on that bus to Denver in New York City.” I picked up a book on how to write a memoir for two dollars at 2 Buck Books and I am going to see if that can guide me in the direction that I need to go with this. I am also aware that there are a ton of I was an addict stories out there so I want to focus less on the dope and more on the travels in the sense of a more modern day Beat then what I really was. If anyone has a suggestion or two for me I would love to hear them and remember we can only learn to write by reading and writing…


5 thoughts on “A Memoir Idea

  1. I think you should go with it… It would be a great story to ready, I know I for one would love to hear it. As for writing one, I’m not sure how to go about that, but reading a book on how to write a memoir is a great start. You can do this, and it will be great! That much I know!

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