My Mi My

My soul has been incinerated

My mind has been detonated

My heart has been fragmented

My body has been disconnected

My world has been crushed

My perception has been defiled

My eyes have been snow-blind

My life has been deceived

My brain has been lost

My hands have been mislead

My thoughts have betrayed

My words have been cozen

My breath had been vapid

My feelings have been crestfallen

My emotions have been hollow

My feet have divagated

My essence has ached

My psyche has cracked

Save me for this is the last

Time I am going to the abyss

Someone save me….


One thought on “My Mi My

  1. I like this one. It’s real, I feel like I’m the one feeling this. I can see someone struggling to be saved, and see the pain they feel. But that’s just me, mostly because I’ve been there one to many times.

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