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It started in the morning


On Sean

I realize that I have not written a blog in over a month and I think it is because I really had nothing to blog about in all that time. This past weekend was really interesting though with this cat Sean that I met in Seattle at the hostel and Chris. We all went to Estes Park and visited the famous Stanley Hotel that was the inspiration for The Shining. I had never been there in all of my sixteen years here in Denver so it was a blast to go there to use the loo. After which this rather attractive lady named Scary Mary put her hand on my heart and said I have a good heart; I was a little taken back by that but I was not at all freaked out. I later talked to her about the hotel and learned that the original movie was not filmed there but the mini-series was.


The hotel its self was just immaculate and so vibrant with wood and luster. I had never been in a hotel that nice in my entire life so this was something thing totally new to me. Room 217 is where Stephen King stayed that one night and the residue from a nightmare he had gave him the entire story that became The Shining. I did not want to pay ten bucks to do the tour but we stayed in the common area for a good half an hour. They also have a butterfly farm there that was quite interesting. If I had a car I might have pursued Mary but since I don’t I felt it was a moot point. Sean kept saying we made a real connection and we probably did but alas I can’t just go see her so meh one more lost opportunity in life.


Sean was totally dazzled by the mountains and how beautiful Colorado is  and thanks to Chris he got to see more then just Denver. After that we went to Boulder where Sean checked into a hostel earlier and we just walked around on the Pearl Street Mall where in my opinion there are too many young ass fucking hippies but that is my issue not theirs. I just feel bad that my condo is not really set up for visitors right now or he probably would have wanted to stay here longer. One a side note we talked to a lady that lives here with a Nazi fanatic and that was kind of freaky to see and after it all sunk in I was totally creeped out like Sean was. This mother fucker has paraphernalia from the Nazis and he isn’t even white yet he is a total racist fuck; yeah go figure I can’t.


So in the end I do not think Sean liked Denver much but he is coming from a  town of 300 so I can’t really blame him for not liking how urban it is here. I remember when I moved here from Brooklyn how freaked out I was at the smallness of Denver (1.6 million metro wide then) and now it is a vibrant city of 3.8 million which suits me way better but if I had come from a small town to how it is now I would not be too happy here. I hope that Sean finds his place wherever that is maybe Boulder maybe somewhere else but the gift he has to explore is something I really miss about my hobo years. I would go from one end of the country to the other looking for something that was here in Denver the whole time. God bless you Sean maybe I can relive some of my road days through you…