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Sadness in Aurora….

I needed a few days to digest this before I could write about it so here is goes…

I had wanted to go to that show at that theater with my friend but we decided to catch an early show the next day instead. Was I spared or just stupid lucky? I remember when Columbine happened I was living just outside Washington Park here in Denver at the time and all I felt was shock at how those kids could do that. Then of course I was in North Carolina when 9/11 happened and shock was what I felt a few weeks later but this is so different then both of those events and it happened 4.1 miles from my home. This was one man a coward at that shooting up innocent people for what seemed like the pure joy of it being he stated he was the “Joker” from the Batman comics and movies. I feel this deep sense of remorse and sadness for what happened to people that just wanted to enjoy the biggest movie of the summer. They were all cut down by a man that should have just shot himself instead. Yes I just fucking said that and let me be damned for it I don’t care this son of a whore needed to air hole himself not other people.

He goes to court on Monday and then has to be tried to see if he can even stand trial which I think is totally ridiculous being this was a planned attack from start to finish. I think he needs to ride the lightening but Colorado has not executed a prisoner since 1977 so that is very unlikely to happen. In all likelihood he is going to spend the rest of his life in the SHU since he would be torn to pieces in Gen Pop. I would love for that to happen but again it won’t so we have to look at what can happen. Twenty-three hours a day in a cardboard box for the rest of his miserable life so he can think about what he did. I am still trying to grapple with this whole thing and I am afraid that none of us will ever be able to when it is all said and done. This was just one random planned attack on people that did not deserve to be attacked or in other words it was terrorism…..