Monthly Archives: September 2012

Travel On!

I have traveled so far and wide
All over this grand land
I have seen every place and space
I have seen miles go by
On rail or road
I have seen the rich snobbery
I have seen the downtrodden rot
I have seen the middle class cry
I have seen the lost fall
I have seen the gutters
I have seen the palaces
From one coast to the other
Zip here
Zap there
Alone with a book
A Journal
A life that I wish I had not known
Alone on all those journeys
Afraid of who I was
What I had become
Unsure of what to do next
Running on empty
Lost in anger
Pissed off at the world
Because I was pissed off at myself
From coast to coast
Across the Golden Gate
Back to the George Washington
And across 70 one more time
I regret none of those miles
Not one inch
For It made me who I am today
Travel on!



Life is a choice
Everything we do is a choice
Everyone we allow in our lives in a choice
Everything we read is a choice
Everything we learn is a choice
Hate is a choice
Love is a choice
Pain is a choice
Anguish is a choice
Rage is a choice
Life is nothing but decisions
Our world is a decision
Our lives are a decision
We all make them small
And Large
One moment to the next
Into another time or frame
Every Little thing we do
Is what decides our fate
Our Destiny
But None is predetermined
We can alter it at any time
We can choose to go down a different path
Or stay on the one we are on
If something is not working
It is time to walk away
And Find a new way
No one is stuck in a place
Or time
Or space
Ever with so many choices
To make….