Travel On!

I have traveled so far and wide
All over this grand land
I have seen every place and space
I have seen miles go by
On rail or road
I have seen the rich snobbery
I have seen the downtrodden rot
I have seen the middle class cry
I have seen the lost fall
I have seen the gutters
I have seen the palaces
From one coast to the other
Zip here
Zap there
Alone with a book
A Journal
A life that I wish I had not known
Alone on all those journeys
Afraid of who I was
What I had become
Unsure of what to do next
Running on empty
Lost in anger
Pissed off at the world
Because I was pissed off at myself
From coast to coast
Across the Golden Gate
Back to the George Washington
And across 70 one more time
I regret none of those miles
Not one inch
For It made me who I am today
Travel on!


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