Monthly Archives: November 2012

Rollins on Broadway

Today I decided to walk down Broadway from sixth to right by Alameda to Bardo’s Coffee House. It was only about ten blocks in all. As I got to Third and Broadway I stopped to look at the building behind the 7-11 or 25 West Third where the very first NA club house called Just For Today was located in 1996. It was boarded up and looking so desolate but wow did it flood my mind with lots of good and some bad memories. I learned how to play spades the proper way there after a small battle with this lady named Velyn on going nil. Everything I needed to know about the program of NA was learned there in my first thirty days and I had one friend in Johnny B. I am not going to dwell on this but NA was never the same to me after I locked those doors for the last time in late 1997.

I kept walking and found this small art store on Elsworth and all I bought was a small brush to clean off eraser crumbs but it was nice to visit them anyway. I then went to the various book stores along Broadway and I scored five of my long stolen Henry Rollins books for a great price. I was so happy when I located them that I really felt like I was walking on a cloud. I have been searching all over for his books since the robbery on January first of this year. I have a lot more to find but I am very happy with the five I scored today.

I have always had this odd relationship with Rollins because he is so raw and so intense. He is the guy that gave me permission to just write my feelings as they were in poetry when I was homeless. All those poems were also stolen in the robbery unfortunately. I read Eye Scream (one of the books I got today) on my way to Seattle in March on my Nook just because I seemed to always be reading him on my homeless journeys back in my 20‘s so it seemed right to be reading him on a bus to Seattle. I know that I will never find all of his books again because it took me over sixteen years to collect them all but it was nice to find a few that were stolen.

It is almost a year since the robbery and little by little I am getting my life back or I have changed those parts of my life that were stolen into something else. I guess the bottom line is I always have hope in my life that I am not going to be stuck in a bad place for very long and this is one of those times. Hey Henry thanks for being you!