Bookie Readers

I realize that I have not written a blog in a very long time but the urge to be creative in any sense has not been with me as of late. I last mentioned the Henry Rollins books I found on Broadway back in November and I have been silent since then. I have read so many great things since then that I wish to mention a few. First I have read the entire graphic novels of The Walking Dead thus far and as I tell my friend all the time the TV show is Other Rick. I do not remember the names of these books but they are not hard to find at a local library if one just asks. I know one of them is called Some Kind of Peace by I do not remember but it fits into the genre of Swedish Mystery and or thriller. I have read so many novels set in Sweden that I feel like I actually know the place a little but that happens while reading.

Other things that I have read are a grip of Ed Greenwood fantasy novels set in The Forgotten Realms of AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) that I play in with a group on Skype that includes my mother. I also got the two huge volumes of Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep. They are two large books with three novels in them that centers around Waterdeep which is a town in The Forgotten Realms. I started to read fantasy all of a sudden to get ideas for my AD&D capaign but I am now not in need of that being I have what is known as a Super Module called The Temple of Elemental Evil that I am going to run for the next three or so months.

I have also of course read Lit Journals and now the Denver Public Library has access to magazines on the Android Tablet OS so I have been utilizing that as well. I also made a new friend a few doors down so we watch movies and basketball games or we play a game on the PS3 together so that has kept me busy. I mention all of this reading and the such because I finally understand why I have never had a successful relationship.

I have dated a few woman and really not one except Lisa was a reader and all Lisa read was teen fiction that I did not want to read or could relate to. I crave the company of someone that is willing to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens like I am right now so we can sit down and talk about it. That seems to be the majority of what I read: no one else I know has read it so there is no one to discuss the book with. I think this is what I crave the most in a mate and I have yet to find anyone that is a veracious reader like I am. I am not saying that I am not also a gamer and a geek I am but reading is my one real true passion.

My aunt Della has a Nook now and she reads about a book a day. In some ways I am jealous of her speed but at the same time I like how I savor a book like a fine wine. There is a girl that lives here that I dig but she is not a reader and I know in the end that it will just end badly like all of my past relationships have ended. I am very aware that I am kind of nick picking here but I think everyone has this idea of who they want to be with and someone that appreciates poetry is a good start. I guess I am just doomed for a life alone with my books and I guess that isn’t such a horrible fate….


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