Larimer Square

I haven’t been to Larimer Square in years now walking through Writers Square where I used to hang out in 96′ and 97′ writing poetry that is now long gone and very stolen. I would go to this coffee shop on Larimer Street called The Market and sit outside sip coffee and smoke Camels while I wrote and people watched. Back then I was homeless and friendless so I would sit alone and write and write and write. I do not feel that any of those poems were any good but they are a huge part of my past. I feel bad that I have not been writing much lately and I have not done a drawing in over four months but I am just not feeling all that creative lately for some reason or another.

That is the thing about being creating things from pencil sketches or words to some prose one has to be in the mood to embark on such a journey and I just have not been. Even though I have not been writing I have been reading a lot like usual so I am still doing that part of the job of the writer. Yesterday I went downtown and walked the entire mall and right past Writers Square without even a look at how its changed since 1996.

1996 what a year that was. It started with me moving in with a base head while all the time I was hooked on coke then I moved to Denver and arrived on 2.13.96 which happens to be Henry Rollins’ birthday. I was 24 when I got here and he turned 35 the day I arrived here. I think the funny part is I had no idea who that was until I met this guy Sonny that introduced me to him. I used Denver as my home base for the next three years while I traveled around the country seeing America.

Seattle is still my favorite city to visit but last year when I went I was looking to move there and leave Denver in my past once and for all. I spent a week there with no sun and I realized that I live in the greatest city in the country already so I henceforth scrapped the plans to move. I used to have a friend there but something happened on that visit that changed everything and we have not spoken in well over six months after a ten year friendship. Shit happens.

I honestly think right now the thing that I need to do is read more in Zone 3 a Lit Journal I bought at The Tattered Cover in Lodo. I went to The Elliot Bay Book Company in Capital Hill in Seattle when I was there with my now non-friend and it was really nice plus they had a lot of Lit Journals that I had never seen before. I was talking to my mother about finding some Indy bookstores in NJ and I found three all located at this link.

The ting about Indy bookstores is that one will find some very eclectic books and of course they are the main source for publishing and selling Lit Journals. Barnes and Nobles carries a few Lit Journals but nothing really obscure more like the popular ones like The Paris Review which is thirteen bucks an issue where as Zone 3 is five bucks an issue. I realize that this blog has gone in a few directions but this is just where I am right now…


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