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Creating Compelling NPC’s!

Marla came about after I joined a group in the need of a DM (Dungeon Master or the person that runs the game but I will get to that more later). If you are a DM and you want to know how to create compelling long term NPC’s (Non-Player Character or one that I control), follow what I did and make your creation come to life in compelling and interesting ways.


As the DM of the game I take some liberties when I am in character creation mode for the game. First thing one needs to do is the stats and I gave them all an 18 base start. Now you are all screaming that isn’t fair and no its not so I evened things out some by subtracting from Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma and adding them to Strength, Dex and Con. What I made was one incredibly stupid childish little girl but she does so much damage in combat that they are in total balance now.


How she should act was the hard part with her being chaotic neutral in alignment but at the same time she has no idea what right and wrong even mean. These thoughts are too abstract for her to be able to really understand them. She does not speak much but she can draw well and play chess but that is it for her in that regard.


Marla see’s herself as an impulsive that is selfish and very much a brat when it comes to things she wants for she will get it at all costs. She loves to throw tantrums and be very argumenitive with most intelligent beings yet she is gentle and kind to animals and those with lesser intelligence as if she can talk to them and they can talk back. Most of the time she prefers to be relaxing or just hanging around resting and eating of course. She takes great pride in her fighting abilities and how well she can defend those that need it or herself in an ambush that she gleams about to fellow travelers she may encounter as she speaks in more gestures then words but she can convey her idea well when she wants to.


I created Marla to make the life of the players a little more interesting with Marla always running off to combat and giving shit to every big bad ass in a tavern just for fun. I have been creating characters to either be a player or mostly as a DM for 30 some years and Marla is by far my best one yet thus why she just keeps showing up in the game over all these years.


This is the job of the DM: breathe life into the world that you alone created either with the help of some world books or not this is your world so give it life! The best part of having Marla in the party is if they get super stuck either due to them not seeing the answer or me being too cryptic I can use Marla to drop a hint with her behavior. Yes it’s another riddle but its a far easier one then the one we are all stuck on so I see it as an advantage to have Marla around even with all the trouble she gets into all the time. This is all I wish to divulge on a blog about my creation process but I felt my new group needed a little background on her since she is part of the group now. Happy Hunting!