Dharma written on the back of a Jack Kerouac Novel

Dharma, dharma what—is—dharma? Is—it the thought—of—God?? Is it actually—God—itself? The quest—for dharma is where I live—to find spiritual guidence—somehow, someway; to be—with God—as—one—one—one; not alone any more with—God—to look up and feel it’s power—love—caring; this is dharma—not money—people—things—it’s inner peace—joy—balance—purpose—vision—sernity—this is the dharma I want—not the religious dharma—the real spiritual dharma—the power of the pacific—the magestic beauty of a mountian—the sun—rain—sky—stars—all in unity with the dharma of God; my spirit in—with the spirit of God—so—I—can—feel the same—in tune with nature and of God it’s self—dharma—is my quest—God is my teacher—I am my temple…


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