Junk June 1996




Everyday I fill my soul

With junk

Everyone has their fix

Just a mob of addicts

Wondering around like a herd

In a demoniac search of a leader

All those lost souls

Encompassing the Earth

All in search of a direction

A meaning of life

Some people see it

Some never do

Rarely is it ever truly caught

How it eludes me

Blinds me with lies

Pumps me up with fallacy

No way to see

Until it’s to late

No excuses

No remorse

Just pain



Just keep looking

Filling with more junk

Need the junk to live

Numbs my aching soul

All I look for

Is so hard to get

Label me?

Label you?

Why do I pre judge

Am I not human?

Am I not flesh & blood

Why do you shun me so?

The pain rips into me

Need the junk to kill the pain



It gouges my mind


And soul

The pain, will it ever end?

When I find it for sure

Being the junk doesn’t work anymore

Where is it?

Where is it?

Why can’t I have it?

Where is love

Just the junk

To kill the hurt

Just the junk

To murder my soul

Just the junk

Nothing more


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