Quad Shot Americana With Room For Rage 1999

Quad shot Americana with room for rage..

Take your fucking filth

Take your fucking greed

Take your fucking politicians

Take your fucking corruption

Take your fucking lies

Take it all Americana and stuff it up my ass

And blow my brains out with a sneer

The media deceit

Look good

Like a Hilfiger model

Pump up at the gym

Waste my life to look like a rock

So no one will want me anyway

Just a waste of muscle mass

To change the outside glass

And forget about the dirt inside

The loneliness

The pain

The anger

The despair

But I have to look like a model

The TV tells me so

The magazines tell me so

Calvin Klein tells me so

Simulated life of drama

Yeah, that’s me Americana

Open up wide

And eat the lies

Close myself

Be someone else

Let the world tell me who to be

How to act

Who to fuck

Simulated life of drama

Yeah, that’s me Americana

Watch the tube

Dream about the life they live

Fantasize about fucking the lead character

Masturbate to the fallacy

Cum to the media

Cum to the model

Cum to Cindy fucking Crawford

The lie is mine to buy

The lie is there’s to sell

I’m a product

I’m a sell out

Who gives a fuck

I think I’m happy

I tell myself I’m happy

Yet the despair eats me all night long

Gnawing like a rat

Until I’m gone

Simulated life of drama

Yeah, that’s me Americana

Read GQ

Read Playboy

Jack off to Hustler and hide it away

Fabricate a life

Tell everyone how great I’m not

Lost the real me in the fantasy

Like a storybook

Or a shitty sitcom

I’m stuck in a re-run

And no one gives a fuck

Delude the truth daily

Tell it’s all bullshit

Living the lie is easier

Then the living truth

Go on Springer

Get a web site

Sit in a chat

Tell it all to who ever cares

Simulated life of drama

Yeah that’s me Americana

Take over a company

Fire them all

Kill a town

Blow up a school

Club a baby seal

Burn Paris to the ground

Shoot a cop

Rape a nun

Simulated life of drama

Yeah, that’s me Americana

Look for a leader

Find a loser

Look for a truth

Find a distortion

Look for a lover

Find a slut

Look for love

Find hate

Look for life

Find death

Look for God

Find nothing

Look for honesty

Find greed

Look for hell

I’m already there

Simulated life of drama

Yeah, that’s me fucking Americana.


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