Written in 1999 After Sex With Some Random Chick.

Sometimes I feel like my face is falling off

I mean not in the physical sense

But in the surrealistic sense of the mind

I think it would be cool if it did though

I’m sitting at Starbucks on 16th. and Curtis

In Downtown Denver

I’m surrounded by yuppie’s and families

It’s the Sunday after church crowd

I decide to talk to the people on my right

A woman and a small girl

I get this tickle in my nose

All of a sudden I sneeze


My nose flies off


I’m spouting blood everywhere

The people look at me in absolute horror

I shake my head

I want to share the terror

I look at the lady and say,

I’m sorry, really I am”

My nose by the way lands in the girls coffee

I fish it out and eat it

I need the calcium you know

That would be cool


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